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Dec. 30, 2018

21 Hilarious Tweets That Only HGTV Fans Will Truly Understand

Television is a fun break from reality. Coming home, kicking your shoes off and flipping on the boob tube is a great way to get away from your horrible job, family, life… unless you love the reality TV. Then, sadly, you’re bringing that world home... especially when the shows are ...

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Dec. 4, 2018

7 Hilarious Jimmy Fallon-Style “Thank You” Notes From Real Estate Agents

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for making it impossible to say "Thank You" without that intonation, and imagining lifting a pen in the air.

1) Thank you, FSBOs...

...for confirming that selling a house isn't as easy as I make it look.


2) Thank you, open houses...

...for ...

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